Bandhavgarh Birding

Bandhavgarh is home to more than two fifty avian species that enthrall the bird watchers from distant lands.

The core area consists of marshy graslands and small wetlands that support many wetland birds. The dense forest canopy excels as habitat for forest birds.

In essence BTR is the fienst destination for watching forest birds but nearby wetlands offer sightings of shore birds and wetland species.

Migrants arrive in winter hence it is the best time for a trip. The preserve offers opportunity for summer birding to have a better look at the striking colorful resident birds.

Bird Watching in forest can be a streneous task due to thick canopy but it is worth it. The mixed forests, marshy grassland and altitudnal variation offer big surprise whence you sight the avian wonders.

A good pair of binocular, a spotting scope and some reference books will make your experience fulfilling.

Checklist Birds of Bandhavgarh