Faunal Diversity Bandhavgarh


The mammalian species represent typical Central Indian fauna with tiger as the apex species in the food chain. Along with the tiger (tertial carnivore) leopard is found here. The tiger sighting is prolific in this park thanks to unique topography and high density of big cats. Leopard face stiff resistance from tigers hence are nocturnal in Nature but with some fortune they can be spotted in the park and village periphery in day time or dusk.

Other animals seen commonly are spotted deer, sambar deer, barking deer, jackal, jungle cat, common mongoose, 3 striped palm squirrel along with wild boar and Hanuman Langur.

Sloth bear are shy and nocturnal but are often seen while wild dogs are local migratory hence seen when present. Nilgai are subjected to persecution and prefer open areas of the park Animals like four horned deer, wolf, hyena, flying squirrel are rarely seen. The chinkara an antelope found in open area near the villages seemed to have been killed since very few are sighted.

Nocturnal mammals constitute fox, ratel, porcupine, bandicoot rat, Indian tree shrew, grey musk shrew, Indian mole rat, flying fox, fulvous fruit bat, Indian false vampire, Indian pipistrelle, rufous tailed hare, black naped hare, Indian Pangolin and civets.


Some of the reptiles seen are the Indian Python, Krait, Russels' Viper, Spectacled Cobra, Common Vine Snake, Olivacious Keelback, Common Vine Snake, Striped Keelback, Monitor Lizard, Forest Lizard, Garden Lizard, Skink and Fan Throated Lizard.


Thousands of species of insects find home in this little paradise in Central India. Butterflies, Dragonfly, Spiders and Moths are seen all around especially during the winter months.

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