Guided Jungle Safari

(6:00 AM- 9:30 AM; 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM) Let the magic of dense pristine forests unfold the spell in an open 4x4 Gypsy in the core of the national park, with some of the most adroit drivers at the wheel accompanied with a knowledgeable naturalist. Follow the pugmarks and before you know it the king is right in front of you with all the magnificence and splendour. There's plenty in the store for you be it rich game like the Sambhar, herds of spotted deer munching in those vast grasslands, or wild boars trying to run away from your sight, peacocks dancing in frenzy or the bison trying to figure out what are you doing in their territory.

Bandhavgarh Tourism Zones

Tala Gate = Primary Zone
Khitauli Gate
Magdhi Gate
Pan Patha Gate

There is limited entry of safari jeeps in the National Park hence gate entry for jeep safari in core area has to be booked in advance. The jeep safari canbe booked online at MP Tourism Kiosk you hotel should assist you in reservation.

Elephant Safari Bandhavgarh