History of Bandhavgarh Preserve

Bandhavgarh is unique as it encompasses both pristine nature and human history. The number of scattered man made structures, idols, caves, stables, warrior shelter all stand testimony to a rugged historical past. The region has been ruled by many dynasties for centuries. The Bandhavgarh Fort dates back 2000 years and is mention in number of ancient Hindu texts. The fort was supposed to build by ancient Gond Dynasty and subsequently modified by series of conquerors belong to various dynasties.

Some of the dynasties that ruled over the region are Bharatihas, Vakatak, Sengars, Culchuri, and Baghel. The Baghel dynasty with its seat in the Rewa District kept the area inviolate and preferred the forest for hunting. This preserved tract was part of a long chain which was destroyed due to lack of protection. The Last ruler of Rewa district was HH Maharajah Martand Singh.

The manmade caves contain petroglyhs and ancient scripts pointing to a prehistoric era. The park was declared protected area after the independence and is under the jurisdiction of forest department of Madhya Pradesh.

Bandhavgarh Fort