How you can reach Bhandhavgarh

Entrance to the park is located at Tala. It is a small village on Umaria - Rewa State Highway. Air-conditioned luxury sedans transfer guests from the closest airports and railway stations to The Wildflower Resort.

The nearest airport to Bandhavgarh is Jabalpur, Khajuraho and Nagpur. Fly to Jabalpur; the drive from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh is approximately 3 hours - 170 km. From Khajuraho Airport to Bandhavgarh is approximately 6 hours - 250 km (via Satna). The drive from Nagpur Airport to Bandhavgarh  is approximately 8 hours - 475 km.

The drive from Umaria Railway Station to Bandhavgarh  is 35 kms and approximately it takes 45 minutes and from Katni Railway Station which is about 92 km and reaching Bandhavgarh  takes approximately 2 hours.


By Road:

Private transport buses are available from district headquarters Umaria (32 km), Katni (92 km), Shahdol (102 km) Rewa (155 km) and Jabalpur (175 Km).

By Rail:

Nearest railway stations are Umaria (32 km) on South Eastern Railway, Katni (92 km) and Satna (120 km) on West Central Railway.

By Air:

Jabalpur (175 km) and Khajuraho (232 km) are the nearest airports. From Khajuraho it is a 6 hrs drive to Tala via Satna-Maihar-Barhi-Khitauli.


Kalinga Utkal Express, Train No.18478 starts from Haridwar Jn and leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin station at 12:05 Hrs reaching Umaria at 05:26 Hrs.

Hirakund Express, Train No. 18508 runs every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday from Amritsar Jn and leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin  station at 08:55 and reaches Umaria Station at 23:16 Hrs.

Gondwana Express  Train No. 12412 leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin at 15:25 Hrs and reaches Katni at 05:15 Hrs.

Mahakoshal Express Train No. 12190 leaves     Hazrat  Nizamuddin at 16:10 Hrs  and reaches Katni at 07:55 Hrs.

M P Samprk Kranti  Train No. 12122 runs every Monday Thursday and Saturday from Hazrat Nizamuddin Station at  17:25 Hrs. and reaches Katni at 06:00 Hrs.

Jammu Tavi Jabalpur Express Train No. 11450 starting  runs every Wednesday from Jammu Tawi and leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin at 14:50 and reaches Katni at 06:30 Hrs.


Mumbai - Howrah Mail 3004 DN till Katni, departs Mumbai at 2110 hrs and reaches Katni at 1510 hrs.

Mumbai Varanasi Mahanagri Express 1093 DN leaves Mumbai CST at 2355 hrs and reaches Katni at 1755 hrs

Lokmanya Tilak Patna Express 3202 DN leaves Lokmanyatilak at 2110 hrs and reaches Katni at 1732 hrs

Mahanagari Express Train No. leaves 11093 Mumbai Cst at 00:10 hrs and reaches Katni  at 17:35 Hrs.

Kolkata Mail Train No.  12322 leaves  Mumbai CST at 21:25 and reaches Katni at 14:35 Hrs.

Rajendra Nagar  Express Train No.  12141 Mumbai CST at 23:25 Hrs and reaches Jabalpur at 14:30 Hrs.

Dadar Varansi Superfast Train No.  12167 leaves  DADAR  (Mumbai) Station at 00:35 Hrs and reaches Katni at 17:55Hrs.

Saket Express Train No.  11067 leaves Lokmanyatilak  Terminus (Mumbai) Station every Wednesday  and Saturday at 05:20 and reaches Katni at 22:25 Hrs.

Gorakhpur Exp Train No.  15017 leaves Lokmanyatilak  T erminus (Mumbai) Station  at 06:35 Hrs and reaches Katni at 2:30 Hrs.

Garib Rath   Jabalpur Train No. 12188 leaves Mumbai CST  13:30 Hrs and reaches  Jabalpur  06:00 Hrs.


Howrah Mumbai Mail Train No. 12321 leaves Howrah at 22:00 hrs and reaches Katni at 16:20 hrs.

Shaktipunj Express Train No. 11448 leaves Howrah Junction at 14:30 Hrs and reaches Katni at 13:50 hrs.


Sanghamitra Express, Train No. 12295 leaves Bangalore City Junction at 09:10 Am and arrives Katni at 7:35 Pm the next day.

Bagmati Express, Train No.  12578 leaves Bangalore City Junction at 10:21 Am every Saturday and arrives Katni at 23:35 Pm the next day.


Mahanagri Express Train No 11094, leaves Varanasi at 1130 hrs and reaches Katni at 1923 hrs,

Varanasi Pune Express Train No 1032, leaves Varanasi at 0400 hrs and reaches Katni at 1205 hrs,

Darbhanga LTT Express Train No 5220/5218 leaves Varanasi at 2257 hrs and reaches Katni at 0800 hrs.


Somnath Jabalpur Express Train No. 11463 runs from Somnath leaving Ahmadabad Jn at 18:25 Hrs. and arrives Jabalpur 15:10 Hrs.

Somnath Jabalpur Express Train No. 11465 runs on Monday and Saturday from Somnath leaving Ahmadabad Jn at 18:25 Hrs. and arrives Katni 16:10 Hrs.


Jammu Tawi Jabalpur Express Train No. 11450 runs every Wednesday  from JAMMU TAWI at about 14:50 and reaches Katni  06:30 Hrs. this train has stoppages at Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Rohtak as well.


HIRAKUND EXP runs every Sunday Wednesday and Saturday leaves AMRITSAR JN at 08:55 Hrs and reaches Katni at 23:16 Hrs.

TRAINS FROM GOA (Vasco-da-gama)

VSG Patna Express  Train No. 12741 runs every Wednesday from Vasco-da-gama leavingat at 18:000 Hrs. and arrives Katni 23:50 Hrs.